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Kotor is a medieval town located on the coast of the Bay of Kotor. High mountain peaks tower over the town, and the combination of mountains reflecting in the sea like a mirror creates a stunning sight that leaves visitors breathless. The town was fortified in the Middle Ages, but records show that it was first mentioned in 169 BC, giving it a long and rich history.

The old town represents a perfect blend of preserved architecture from the time of ancient Rome, and it reveals to visitors the secrets of the past and the way of life through walks on cobbled narrow streets and spectacular views from the walls that surround the city. In the heart of the old town, visitors can enjoy spacious squares, numerous museums and galleries, as well as many restaurants that offer a wide range of excellent traditional cuisine and hotels that provide peace and adequate rest after a busy day. Kotor is one of the 12 most beautiful destinations according to the British blog Global Grasshoper.


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