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Altair - sail boat

Our team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Bellatrix yachting is young and innovative chartering company based in Montenegro. Our team are passionate, experienced and Maritime graduated sailors. With slow and steady progress our goal is delivering excellent customer experience and comfort.

Our base - marina Kotor

Our base is located at the heart of the medieval town Kotor,  just in front of it's walls. There is a Parking located just 50m from marina itself. You can see it all on the Map view below.

Marina Kotor is naturally very protected and calm, perfect for peaceful nights. 

Their working channel is VHF ch69.


Just next to the marina Kotor is the main entrance to the old town, where you can enjoy a walk tour inside our UNESCO protected heritage as well as to have a taste of our Mediterranean cuisine in some of the many restaurants.

This is our base - Marina Kotor
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